Medical Psychology Associates (MPA) was established in 1991 as an outpatient mental health clinic. Through the years we have expanded and evolved into a multispecialty group of mental health providers with training and expertise in the areas of adult, adolescent, and child mental health. Providers in our group offer specialized treatment for anxiety, depression, trauma/PTSD, substance abuse, grief, general stress management, and coping issues arising from chronic medical conditions. Additionally, we provide couples and marital therapy using interventions that allow for each partner to grow as an individual while also addressing the needs of the relationship.

In this era of integrated medicine, we strive to collaborate with physicians and other healthcare providers. We recognize the relationship between mind and body, and many of our clinicians have additional specialties in health psychology. This allows us to work effectively with individuals experiencing chronic physical health problems such as pain, MS, cancer, headaches, and other life changing medical problems. Our treatment goals are dedicated to enhancing coping, empowerment, and overall well-being. We are also aware of the importance of addressing anxiety, depression, and prolonged stress symptoms that often arise with chronic health conditions.


Image of psychologist listening to client.

In addition to psychotherapy, services offered by our clinicians include psychological assessment, neuropsychological evaluations, presurgical screenings, and forensic evaluations.

The Team

Image of Medical Pschology Associates team.

The clinicians here at Medical Psychology Associates possess many years of experience and specialized training. Drawing from our expertise in cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness, clinical hypnosis, psychodynamic, and depth-oriented models of interventions, we are able to develop effective treatment plans that target individualized treatment needs and result in positive outcomes.


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Prior to your initial appointment, please download and complete the Intake packet (5 pages) and HIPAA acknowledgement form (2 pages). Please bring the completed forms with you to your first appointment.

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The Enso

Although at first glance the Enso appears to be a simple and imperfect circle, it is, instead, a sacred Zen symbol rich in meaning. Constructed with a single brushstroke, the Enso is believed to capture a moment in time expressed by the artist. It is perfect in its imperfection, and is not to be changed or “touched up” once the circle manifests on the canvas. The Enso is also thought to capture moments of awakening and to represent a wholeness that is both containing and yet open and permeable to what lies outside the circle.

We chose the Enso as our clinic logo because it is a symbol that captures the psychological process that unfolds during effective psychotherapy. While symptom resolution is undoubtedly important, the type of psychological healing that promotes well-being for a lifetime comes with learning to be truly present in our lives. When we are no longer burdened by shame, guilt, and regrets of the past, or consumed by worries and “what ifs” about the future, we learn to live - truly live - with energy and vitality. This also means learning to accept the imperfections in ourselves rather than endlessly attempting to attain some elusive and impossible standard of “good enough” or perfection. Psychological health further emerges when we feel whole yet flexible, and bounded when we need to be, yet open to those thoughts, feelings, relationships, and experiences that will challenge us to grow.